We offer a selection of options that accommodate nearly every lifestyle and budget.

We provide equipment for all in-person training sessions (exceptions may apply, please ask). ​

Clients must provide their own yoga mat, foam roller and stability ball, as needed, for in-home sessions. 

One-on-one sessions include a complementary initial assessment and mini work out.

Discounts may apply to purchases of multiple session packages 

Individualized Personal Training

One-on-one sessions that offer customized, total body, functional and strength training, progressive work outs tailored to your goals and abilities.

Ages: 18+

60 minutes


30 minutes 


Small Group Personal Training

Ideal for friends or couples, these sessions include progressive functional and strength training with individualized progression/regression or accommodation. 

Ages: 18+

60 minutes

$100 - 2 clients

+$30 per additional person

Max 4 clients

Online Coaching

For the more independent or experienced client, challenging work outs planned for your abilities that you execute on your own. 

A weekly service to include 3 work outs.

Ages: 18+


Nutrition Coaching

A complete assessment of your diet to understand what you eat now and how to make healthy changes to assist you in reaching your goals.

Ages: 18+

90 minutes


Flexibility Training

Increase range of motion, decrease injury risk, recover more effectively and improve performance with assisted stretching and self-myofascial release.

Ages: 18+

30 minutes


60 minutes


Teen Fitness

Progressive, functional, total body work outs to include speed, quickness and agility for non-athletes to encourage an active lifestyle.

Ages: 13-17

45 minutes


What our customers are saying

Thank God for Brandee! I was looking for an affordable female trainer that would come to my house that I could continue to train with long term. I have been working with her for 8 months, 3 times per week and I have never felt better!

Anna D.